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Division of Labour

Bridge Construction

Tunnel Construction



Planning and Designing Expressways

Route Planning

We plan highway routes, prepare public relations and presentation documents. We also draw two dimensional and three dimensional maps by considering the state of land, this is done by utilizing images taken by the IKONOS satellite.

Route Planning

Road Design

Yamaguchi Junction (Photo Montage)

Road Design utilizing CAD

Concrete Safety Enhancements

Smart Mesh

PVC film applied

Temporary attachment band

Smart Mesh, a roller-grade flexible membrane net, designed to prevent the falling of concrete. This highly durable, flame-resistant net can be installed on any concrete regardless of the shape, but it can be cut with a box cutter or scissors. The net can be fastened fit to the construction with driven-type anchors, thus preventing dropping of nuts or damaged by birds.

Strong and Durable

  • High-strength vinylon net used

    The high strength fine line mesh prevents pieces of concrete from falling.

    The PVC film (vinyl-chloride synthetic resin) provides high weather, flame, and alkali resistance.

  • Fixing the stainless anchor with resin adhesive agent

    Filling the adhesive agent after the anchor bolt is driven enhances the pull-out, strengths and prevents concrete dents.

Sophisticated Finish

  • Tight-fit to the construction

    The desired softness provides tight-fitness while retaining the configuration.

  • Gray conforming to the concrete color

    The color similar to the concrete color makes the net accommodating to the sight.

Easy Installation

  • The net can be applied to every corner of the construction site. The superb flexibility enables the net to be tailored to the construction. The double faced adhesive tape can be used for temporary installation.

  • Just driving anchors in is all that is required. Drilling before driving an anchor is only required for the installation.The pitches can be arranged to the ancillaries of the construction.

  • Easy cutting and processing, the net can be cut with a box cutter or scissors to accommodate the configuration of drainpipes.

Easy installation even around the drainpipe

Driving rod and hammer for the anchor

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